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Admission Ar

The Admission Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Saudi citizen or legal resident and a graduate from high school within five years, applicants who are more than five years since graduation, will be considered an exceptional case.
  • The cumulative percentage of the general secondary ( sciences) is not less than 75%.
  • The student must obtain a general high school certificate from inside or outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with minimum GPA 75%.
  • The student must obtain the GAT & SAAT (Qudrat and Tahsili) test from the National Center for Assessment in Education.
  • The student must not be a regular student in another university.
  • Passing Achievement test with a score of 55 and above.
  • Passing Aptitude exam with a score of 55 and above.
  • Filling the online application form.
  • Passing the personal interview and medical examination.
  • The student must meet any other conditions the college Committee determines or announces during application process.

Method of Calculating the Weighted Ratio

  • Cumulative percentage of high school certificate grade 30%
  • Aptitude exam each grade 30%
  • Achievement test grade 40%

Admission Process

  • Any applicant wishes to apply to BSNP shall register online first, then submit the required documents directly to the college. All required documents received from the applicant will be reviewed by the registration office.
  • Applicants who meet the admission criteria and standards will complete a registration application and will be provided with the following forms:
    • Guardian’s Consent Form: States that the applicant’s guardian is fully aware and approves SCNAHS rules and regulations.
    • Hospital physical examination form
    • All required documents received from the applicant will be reviewed by the registration office.
  • A personal interview will be conducted with candidates who meet admission requirements.
  • Results will be confirmed and then SMS message will be sent directly to the applicant and allocation of places will be sent to the applicants via personal e-mails.
  • Registration and admission office will answer all queries.
  • Any applicant who wishes to continue her admission process at BSNP must complete the admission requirements and submit all original documents.

Required Documents

In order to accept the student at the college, the following is required:

  1. Two copies of the secondary certificate with the original (hard copy of the original Certificate must be sent in case of acceptance).
  2. A copy of the national identity + the original or the family card + the original (for verification purposes).
  3. 4 (4×6) colored personal photos.
  4. Aptitude and achievement test results.
  5. Any other certificates (TOEFL / IELTS) if found.

Physical Examination & Immunization Requirements

  • After receiving documentation for acceptance, students are guided to complete medical examination and serology test at Almoosa Specialist Hospital or other Governmental Hospital
  • By the end of first semester, each student is responsible for completing the required vaccination.

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