Almoosa College - Nursing | In Collaboration with MGH Institute of Health Professions


The Admission Criteria

  • The applicant must be a Saudi citizen or legal resident and a graduate from high school
  • The cumulative percentage of the general secondary (sciences) is not less than 75%.
  • The student must obtain a general high school certificate from inside or outside the kingdom of Saudi Arabia with minimum GPA 75%.
  • The student must obtain the GAT & SAAT (Qudrat and Tahsili) test from the National Center for Assessment in Education.
  • Passing Achievement test with a score of 65%and above.
  • Passing Aptitude exam with a score of 60 %and above.
  • Filling the online application form.
  • Passing the personal interview.
  • The weighted percentage should not be less than 65%.
  • You pass an English placement test.
  • The student shall be of good conduct and behaviour.
  • full-time study.

Conditions for admission of transfer students to Al-Mousa College of Health Sciences

  • The cumulative GPA at the time of transfer is not less than (3.5) out of (5.0) or its equivalent.
  • The student should be a regular in any health college.
  • Not to be dismissed from the university/college from which they are transferred for disciplinary reasons.
  • To provide a description of the courses from the college from which he was transferred.
  • To have spent at least one semester at the university/college from which the transfer was made.
  • To pass the personal interview.

Weighted average will be calculated as follows

(High school rate X30% + aptitude test results X 35% + achievement test rate X 35% = 65%)

Admission Process

  1. Any applicant wishing to enroll in the Bachelor of Science program in Health Administration and Informatics must register via the website to fill in the data.
  2. The applicant pays the administrative fees to complete the necessary procedures.
  3. The Admission and Registration Department reviews and verifies all the required documents and ensures that the conditions for admission are met immediately after the applicant pays the administrative fees.
  4. The Admission and Registration Department sets the date for the English language placement test.
  5. The Admission and Registration Department sends an appointment for a personal interview.
  6. The applicant is exempted from the English language test if he/she obtains an IELTS Academic score of 5 or above.
  7. The college conducts a personal interview for the applicants.
  8. The Admission and Registration Department sends the admission results to the accepted and non-accepted via the e-mail registered in the registration form.
  9. The student provides the Admission and Registration Department with the original documents required for admission.
  10. The student pays the first installment of the tuition fee.
  11. The Admission and Registration Department registers the applicant’s data on the student information system and extracts an academic number, an e-mail, and the academic schedule for the accepted students.

Required Documents

In order to accept the student at the college, the following is required:

  • Two copies of the secondary Certificate with the original (hard copy of the original certificate must be sent in case of acceptance).
  • A copy of the national identity/ Resident identity+ the original or the family card + the original (for verification purposes).
  • 4 (4×6) colored personal photos.

Tuition Payments

Administrative Fees SR 500 non-refundable
Science in Health Management and Informatics program Tuition & Fees SR 55000 per year


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